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Better, Stronger, Fitter

We’re halfway into our Strength101 cycle, Pure Hypertrophy, and the students are seriously kicking ass. One of our newest students, Alicia Robles, has been making great progress with gaining strength in this cycle.  I had the benefit of interviewing about her goals and thoughts going into a strength program. “Ultimately, my goals are to get stronger overall.  I knew we’d be working on upper body which is one of my weaknesses, so I’m always trying to improve that. At first, I didn’t like it because it actually made me feel weak.  I felt like I struggled with the smallest weights and everyone else was lifting all kinds of heavy weights with no problem.  But after each session, I felt better about what I can do.  I definitely feel that I’m getting stronger without sacrificing good form.” If you’re looking to build strength and muscle or to “bro it out,” be sure to stay tuned for our next Strength101 cycle! Skwaaaats! – Coach Edwin Skill (15): Endurance: 2 x 400m run, rest 1 min between 2 x 500m row, rest 1 min between 3x Max unbroken double unders, rest as needed between sets Weightlifting : Conjugate Cycle Week 3 of 8: 3RM Rack Press Then, 4×12 upright rows 3RM Pause Bench Press (3 sec pause at chest) Then, 4×12 bent over rows 3RM Sumo deadlift Then, 4×12 front rack lunge steps Work (17): AMRAP in 5min of: 20 Double Unders 10 Squats Rest 1 minute AMRAP in 5min of: 5 Dumbbell Man-Makers, 2×45/25lbs 10 Box Jumps, 24/20″ Rest 1 minute AMRAP in 5min of: 5 Toes to Bar 10 Push Ups