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CrossFit 101

CrossFit 101 has been a CrossFit Affiliate since 2010.  The keys to our success have been to serve our students by providing the highest quality coaching and community possible in order to bring out the best capabilities in all those that we train. From ages 6 to 60, large or small, been working out or have not worked out in years, our mission has always been to help people leave our doors in a better condition than when they entered, regardless of what state they start in. Many companies have mottos and slogans; we try our best to live our motto of “No Judgment, Just Love”.

About CrossFit Workouts

They consist of constantly changing, functional movements, that are done at a relatively high intensity. Movements such as the squat (think sitting/standing from a chair), deadlift (picking up a heavy object from the ground), and shoulder press (storing a suitcase in an overhead compartment) are tools everyone needs for their day to day lives. CrossFit methodology puts these movements into patterns that are highly effective at stimulating your body to adapt. That’s what sets CrossFit training apart and that’s where the magic is. Unlike using the machines at your local gym or sticking to doing cardio only, CrossFit requires skill development of body control to do the movements correctly and most importantly, safely. If you want a new challenge that will give you a high rate of return on your time and energy, this is it.

See If We Are Right For You

There are many established gyms and many knowledgeable coaches out there and we urge you to find the right one that fits what you and your needs. All we offer is a commitment to helping you change your life for the better and be with you every step of the way in this journey.