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Sean - Coach



Sean received his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Cal-Poly State University in San Luis Obispo in 2001, and has been a full time senior project manager for a local general contractor since graduating.

Sean grew up in a small Northern California town competing and playing sports with his brothers and enjoying the outdoors. He has always been involved in sports and fitness; participating in high school football, basketball, and track & field. After high school, Sean had become a regular gym goer and focused on weightlifting rigorously for over 5 years. Looking for a different challenge, Sean turned to the outdoors and participated in marathons, triathlons, mountain climbing (summiting Mt. Shasta and Mt. Whitney), and cycling.

In 2009, Sean got married to his lovely wife Katie and soon after had two children. He found himself focused on the family and not much on his health and fitness. Wanting to stay healthy for his family and to be able to keep up with the little ones, he began to look for a place to work out. So in February of 2012, Sean, like so many others who’ve joined the functional fitness movement, found himself dropping into Tracfit to try out the intro class and has been eager to challenge himself to the workout every day since.

Sean has always found himself in a leadership roll. Whether it be the quarterback of the high school football team, the leader of a class project in college, or taking charge on the construction site, Sean has been able to bring people together, help them with their strengths and weaknesses, and accomplish the task at hand.

After many years of training as an athlete at Tracfit, going through their coaching apprenticeship program, and passing the CrossFit Level 1 certification, Sean is very excited to be a part of the Tracfit coaching staff and is looking forward to continuing to take part in leading students to small advancement that culminate to great results.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • California Strength Weightlifting Seminar Participant
  • CPR/AED First Aid Certified