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What Being a TracFit Member Means to You

If you have been coming here for a while, you’ve probably heard that we’re part of the MadLab Group ( But what exactly is the MadLab Group? And how does it affect you? The MadLab Group is a worldwide network of gyms, who have worked together to figure out best practices. In other words, to figure out how to run a gym that best maximizes success for the clients, the coaches, and the business.  Helen and I flew up to Vancouver in November of 2012 to get business consulting from the group and it was the best decision we made for the sustainability of the gym and our most valuable resources, our coaches and you, our clients. Flash forward three years later and I am now proudly serving as an Implementation Manager within the MadLab Group team where I get the privilege to do consulting for gym owners from around the world on how to implement these proven systems. Through the MadLab Group, we've been able to put these following five features in place to support our mission of sustainably helping you change your lives for the better.  
  1. Fundamentals/Personal Training
When you started training with us, you most likely went through a one-on-one introductory session with a coach, and then 15-20 personal training sessions with this same coach, where he/she worked with you on your strengths and weaknesses and got you prepared for classes at a speed that was comfortable for you. And before you were graduated to group classes, you had to reach a certain fitness level before qualifying. If we’re doing it right, then you probably developed a relationship with this coach and feel like you have someone in your corner helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Can you imagine what your gym life would look like without having gone through personal training? If you had been thrown right into the fire of group classes on day 1? If you would have been asked to snatch on day 2? It probably wouldn’t’t have gone all that well for you, right? Many gyms do just that: They throw you directly into the fire of group classes, or they put you through a 12-person group fundamentals program and you never learn the movements properly because you don’t receive enough one-on-one attention. Best case scenario, you get by because you happen to move well and be athletic. Worst case scenario, you get injured or overwhelmed and quit. Through it all, you never get the chance to really get to know your coach. In fact, you probably are never even given the option to have a personal coach. A one-on-one intro day, followed by 15-20 personal training sessions, is part of the MadLab prescription. It’s what we have discovered is best for performance, for health and safety, and for longevity of the client.  
  1. Coach for Life
We’re not interested in New Year’s revolutionist clients. We’re interested in clients who are looking for a coach and fitness program to keep them healthy and fit for life. The same way most of us have a family doctor our entire lives, and likely an accountant and maybe even a lawyer, our hope is that your MadLab coach becomes your fitness, health and wellness, and nutrition coach for life—someone you turn to to help you when you’re 20, when you’re 40 and when you’re 85 years old. Believe it or not, this is RARE in the fitness industry today. What is more common are personal trainers or fitness coaches who stick around for just a couple years. The reason they leave the industry is because they can’t make a living coaching. For the client this means the gym you’re at is often marred by a constant revolving door of coaches. Our goal is to professionalize the industry so its coaches can earn professional wages and become career coachesmeaning they stick around for decades and serve the community. For YOU, this means you wont have a constant revolving door of coaches; youll have someone in your corner for life.  
  1. Professionally Developed Coaches
Let’s be honest: The fitness industry is somewhat F-ed up. Anyone can call himself a personal trainer, whether he took a weekend course or did a four-year educational program.  You've seen them, they're not really anywhere close to being fit themselves and walk around with their clipboards or more interested in checking their phones during sessions with clients.  Or, you have the bootcamp drill sergeant who's either screaming in your face or is a spewing out some rah-rah cheerleading...all of which isn't necessarily the most efficient way of helping you get fit for life. TracFit coaches have all been through a two-year apprentice coach diploma program. In short, your coach knows what he or she is talking about—how to keep you working toward you goals, and how to keep you injury-free.  
  1. Hybrid Memberships & Specialty Programs
Maybe you have taken advantage of our hybrid membership options, and maybe you have not. But one of the features of our gym is you always have the option to do extra one-on-one personal training on top of your group classes—even if you’re a five-year veteran—with your coach to work on any specific weaknesses or skills you want to improve upon. Another option is to talk to your coach about getting an individual program. Another important feature is the opportunity to participate in Specialty Programs to nail down specific aspects of training from Weightlifting, Strength, Conditioning, Gymnastics, to Nutrition, there's a program to help you strengthen your strengths and weaken your weaknesses while spicing up the training experience.  
  1. Worldwide Network of Gyms
If you travel—for work or pleasure—there are MadLab gym’s all around the world. (Stay tuned for a map of all 180-plus MadLab facilities coming soon). When you show up at a MadLab gym in another city and tell them where you’re from, not only will you have the piece of mind that you’re in good hands, you’ll get the royal treatment from the MadLab family.