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Weightlifting 101.3 and a half

We're about 3 weeks into our 3rd cycle of Weightlifting 101.  This cycle is derived from the Barbell WOD programming. Our 6 week course is divided into 3 two week segments.  In every two weeks, we’ll learn new drills and modified lifting techniques as well grow stronger by increasing weight during the second week.  One of the strengths of this programming is that there are strength and accessory drills done at every session.  Our students have come to accept that we squat every single day.  Though some of the drills are advanced, all of our students have progressed from before WL101.  Coach’s know that students learn from different cues, on different days, by different instructors, said in different intonations.  So, for many, this 3rd cycle of WL101 has led to a lot of development across their movements.