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Why Our Gym?

At our gym you will have a coach and community for life. Our gym is a MadLab Group Gym and when you choose a MadLab Group gym, you’ll be kept in good hands. Each MadLab coach goes through a four-year development process—an apprentice program of sorts—making our coaches some of the most knowledgeable experts in the fitness industry. Their knowledge of human movement, functional movement training, and exercise science is second-to-none. MadLab Group coaches are some of the only fitness coaches in the world who have careers—as opposed to temporary or part-time jobs—as fitness trainers. They are true fitness professionals, meaning they have found a way to make a professional living in the industry. This also means you won’t be going through personal trainer after personal trainer. With us—the same way you develop trust in your doctor or dentist—you’ll have a coach for life: a person you can rely on and trust to keep you fit year after year.


The MadLab Group is an affiliate network made up of fitness and training facilities from around North America and Europe. We work together to discover Best Practices in the fitness industry. MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver is the group’s headquarters. From recruiting and raising new students, to best training protocols, to raising and developing coaches, to the business-side of running a training facility, we are professionalizing the fitness industry. When members join the MadLab Group and go through the 3-Seal development process, their clients become more fit, client retention improves, coach retention and revenue increases, and business becomes more profitable.